Who's in favor of making money?

Uh…we are. But not for the reasons you might think. We are primarily driven to make money for two reasons: growth and progress. When Note sellers and investors win…the world is a better place. It sounds kind of pollyanna but we believe it for a reason—we see it every week. 

Our core team (below) is supported by a crackerjack squad of marketing and tech experts from around the country. Together, we make a pretty darn good team (our partners tell us).

  • Cody Faller (Founder and Chief Investment Officer)
  • Rebecca Stevens (Office Manager and Investment Manager)
  • Ashley N Cline (Marketing Manager)

What Our Customers Have to Say:

Cody was so diligent and professional! He kept me updated every step of the way. Any obstacle that we encountered was handled, he fought for us and kept the process moving. He was extremely helpful. We can't thank him enough!


I sold my Real Estate note with Faller Financial. They walked me through the whole process and put all my concerns at ease. The whole team was very professional and understanding of my needs. I would gladly do business with them again!

Amit P.

Surprisingly easy process to sell my note. I would recommend Faller Financial if in the market to sell a note secured by real estate.


Extremely helpful and had our initial conversation well outside normal business hours. Provided substantial information and advice to us pertinent to our situation. I'd highly recommend them based on our experience.

Roger J.

Very organized & superb performance from the beginning to end. Leann is a pleasure to work with. They made this very easy for us and completed the entire process in less than 2 weeks.

Paul K

Cody, I appreciate your ability to work complicated...let’s say...even difficult transactions...you don’t hesitate...you dig in and get solutions. I can’t wait to work with you again, and to enjoy the thorough and ethical results...my best...Paul Jacobson

Paul C

Efficient friendly helpful & responsive


Faller Financial provided excellent customer service. I'm 100% satisfied with her way of handling my business transaction. Easy and fast closing. That's why I gave them 5 stars. Thank you FF.

Lorenzo P

Cody was awesome they advised me of what they needed and closed the deal fast. I recommend to anyone wanting to sell.


Cody and his team work together to provide outstanding service.


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Leadership Team

Put a face to the name.

Cody Faller

Founder & CEO

Cody Faller, Founder of Faller Financial, has more than 16 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage Note industry. He leads a team that works with investors across the country, from large banks and hedge funds to individual note buyers. Together, they’ve closed hundreds of transactions, facilitating and/or purchasing more than $240 million (Unpaid Principal Balance) in residential Notes. Before founding Faller Financial, Cody played a critical role in a private equity firm that purchased more than $500 million in real estate Notes and property during the Great Recession. Cody earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona (Eller School of Management). He formed a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2008, enabling him to pursue his passion for Personal Development. Today, Cody and his wife, Alyssa, are raising their two children while supporting charitable organizations such as Feeding America, World Vision, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and Operation Underground Railroad.

Rebecca Stevens

Investment Manager

Rebecca Stevens is an Executive Assistant at Faller Financial. Rebecca coordinates business meeting agendas, manages company reporting needs and office applications, and supports all aspects of our day to day business needs. Rebecca takes pride in her organizational skills and ability to create a positive work environment for our team.

Rebecca has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Northridge. She has worked as a Business Analyst for a semiconductor company and has spent time training and supporting colleagues with internal applications, as well as coordinating new product launches.

Rebecca enjoys reading, hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with her family. She resides in Phoenix, AZ with her husband of 10 years and her 7-year-old daughter.

Ashley N. Cline

Marketing Director

Ashley N. Cline is the Marketing Director at Faller Financial. Ashley oversees marketing strategies including events, social media, and email marketing. She brings over 14 years of experience in digital marketing working with startups to Fortune 500 companies. What makes her unique is that not only does she understand and can build a strategy, she also knows how to roll up her sleeves and execute, tactically.

Ashley currently resides in Southern California with her two children and Yorkie. She enjoys running on the beach, hiking, hot yoga, and reading!

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