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We understand

Circumstances change.

Most Note holders created their Notes because it made sense at the time, but life throws curve balls and things can change. Here are some of the reasons a Note holder might sell their Note to an Investor like Faller Financial:

  1. A dispute arises with the borrower
  2. A dispute arises with a partner (i.e. divorce, business dissolution)
  3. Performance of the loan declines (i.e. borrower doesn’t always pay on-time or even stops paying)
  4. Unforeseen illness in the family (medical bills or just need replacement income)
  5. Other investment opportunity (i.e. starting a business or investing in something else)
  6. Need money for retirement funds
  7. Note holder is relocating (i.e. hassle to deal with note from another city)
  8. Desire to help kids pay college tuition
  9. Desire to take a dream vacation
  10. Need money to pay legal bills
  11. Need money to pay income taxes or property taxes
  12. The Note was inherited from a family member and the Holder doesn’t want to deal with the headache
  13. The Note was created with the sole purpose to sell the property (i.e. never wanted to be a lender in the first place)

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

Very organized & superb performance from the beginning to end. Leann is pleasure to work with. They made this very easy for us and completed entire process in less than 2 weeks.

Paul K.Note Investor

Investor FAQ

We have capital to invest in Real Estate Notes...can you take our capital?

Yes. Give us a call and we will walk you through the investment criteria.

Why would I invest in Real Estate Notes?

Passive income and reliable returns. Performing Notes (the borrower is making consistent payments and the loan is not in default) can provide a 4-5% ROI; non-performing Notes (the borrower is in default and isn’t making payments) can provide a 5-20x ROI.