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Very organized & superb performance from the beginning to the end. Faller Financial is a pleasure to work with. They made this very easy for us and completed the entire process in less than 2 weeks.

Paul K.Note Investor

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We all discuss your Note(s) and set expectations.

Step Two

We determine the value.

Step Three

We present a win-win deal and proceed toward closing.

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Selling Notes FAQs

What is a Note?

A “note” is essentially a loan with a piece of real estate as collateral. If you’ve purchased a home by borrowing money from a bank in the form of a mortgage, you’ve signed a promissory Note—promising the bank you will pay back the loan amount (plus gobs of interest) over a period of time. That contractual promise, or note, is essentially as valuable as the loan amount at the time of origination.

What kind of Notes do you purchase?

We buy Performing & Non-Performing Loans, 1st and 2nd Liens, Mobile Home Loans, Contract for Deeds (CFD’s), and Aged as well as Scratch & Dent newly originated loans.

What specs are required to sell a Note?

A number of items are required to value and then purchase a Note. But we walk sellers through all that every day. It isn’t brain surgery.

What discount should I expect when selling my note?

Work with us. Okay, okay…the truth is it is near impossible to know if a Note is profitable. We work with Sellers every week to determine the value of their Notes. Through that exercise, we determine potential profitability.

What can my Note be purchased for?

Again, hard to say up front. Give us a call and we can begin talking about the potential value of your Note.

How soon could we close?

Once we have everything we need and you accept our offer, you could have the money within a week.

Who do you work with?

Individual and institutional Note Sellers from across the U.S.