Note Buyer – How to Find One?

If you’re a Noteholder and you’re interested in selling it, you have options. And not every Real Estate Note buyer is the same. Faller Financial, for example, is for cool kids.

Did I just do that?

Honestly, we’re a good fit for most sellers, but not for all (cool or otherwise). We are sticklers for details and compliance to the process. With every transaction, we ask the same five questions:

1. How much equity does the borrower have?
2. What’s the condition of the collateral?
3. How has the borrower been paying?
4. How creditworthy is the borrower?
5. Does the return justify the purchase?

Now, if these questions cause scalp scratching, don’t worry. No one wakes up to adulthood knowing Note speak. It’s odd, we know, but it’s what we do every day so…we got you.

Here’s a good definition tree:
Equity: the amount of ownership
Borrower: the human making mortgage payments
Collateral: a shiny word for the property the borrower is living in
Creditworthy: a shiny word for the likelihood the borrower will make his/her payments (on time!)
Return: the reward (aka the dough the buyer will make over time)

If you’ve done your homework and you can answer those questions— except #5 (we’ll answer that one)—then you’ll catch a good Note seller’s attention. Like…Faller Financial.

Learn about Note selling at

Call 844-433-6683 or email to sell your mortgage Note or request a consultation at






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