The Lifestyle Benefits of Mortgage Note Investments

The mortgage note invesments business offers several different lifestyle benefits. Have you considered these: Geographic independence, freedome to travel, freedom of time, and freedom of relationship? Did I miss any?

The mortgage note investments business offers many lifestyle benefits.


1) Geographic Independence

Imagine having the freedom to live anywhere you want in the world. Raise your kids wherever it best suits your family, and not be tied to any particular location for work reasons. That’s what I refer to as geographic independence.

Think about it. Geographic independence isn’t a reality for most people. In fact most people need to work wherever their employer is based or wherever they have offices. Over the course of one’s career, people may have to relocate several times in order to be wherever the opportunity is, which can really uproot many aspects of your life. In the mortgage note investing business, it doesn’t matter where you live because investing, trading, or brokering notes doesn’t require you to live anywhere near the properties. You can invest in assets nationwide and even do so from across the world if you like.

2) Freedom to Travel

So let’s talk about freedom of travel. As I think back on memories and experiences that I’m most grateful for in my life, being able to travel frequently comes top of mind. Seeing and experiencing other parts of the world is an amazing part of life. It enriches life and with geographic independence comes the flexibility to travel and to spend an extended amount of time in different places while still be able to conduct business. How amazing would that be if your travel plans weren’t dictated by the amount of vacation time your employer allowed or by being able to find time on your calendar as an overworked business operator. With just a phone and an internet connection you can close note deals from anywhere in the world.

3) Freedom of Time

Let’s shift gears to freedom of time. Thinking back to the days when I was an active trader in the stock market and I was glued to my screen preparing for the opening bell, everything revolved around the trading hours. I’m still a trader today but I trade notes instead of stocks and I love that there’s no trading hours for notes. Much of the note business is conducted over email meaning it’s not required to keep nine to five office hours. If you’re an early riser you can work as early as you like and if you’re a night owl that works too. There are tremendous benefits when it comes to having the freedom to get into the gym whenever you like to take care of your health. That’s really the ultimate wealth. You can go golfing any day of the week and you can attend your kids’ special activites like soccer games or school events. There’s a lot of things that people miss out on when they have 9-5 hours. What about completing errands during the week as well that you know you might have to reserve for the weekend. This is what I consider freedom of time and it’s possible when you are a successful investor in notes.

4) Freedom of Relationship

Let’s talk about freedom of relationship because most people don’t have much choice when it comes to selecting the people they work with. And as a result we generally just accept the fact that there are going to be people in our professional lives that we don’t particularly love being around for one reason or another. Perhaps they’re negative or lazy or just difficult. And given the amount of time that we spend working throughout our lives wouldn’t it be a huge benefit to actually look forward to interacting with the folks that you deal with on a regular basis? That’s freedom of relationship and for those that decide to make a living in the note business, once you’re established it’s possible to do repeat business and be very selective about working with a relatively small group of clients.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very ambitious and sophisticated note investors which I find energizing and it pushes me to want to develop myself more and more as a result. Freedom of relationship also means the ability to hire talent around you. If you’re operating a business you can build a team around you with unique capabilities. That’s freedom of relationship as well. So let’s recap.

We’ve talked about a lot of key lifestyle benefits to mortgage note investing: geographic independence, the ability to travel, freedom of time, and freedom of relationship.


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