When someone owns a mortgage Note and they’re looking to sell it, they should know what buyers want.

This article is part of a series of articles intended to make sellers’ lives easier, so they can get the cash they want.

Tip #1: Value the property correctly

We, as buyers, want to know the best value. Not the potential value…the best value.

The key here is to show the buyer that you, the seller, are a realist, and not an optimist.

Now…some properties can be hard to value. For example, a more rural property can be tricky because there may not be many comps…or any comps. Here’s the key: be transparent. Disclose the challenges if there are challenges.

Here’s another thing that’s important to disclose: property damage. This one’s a biggie. The only person who stands to suffer if a property with damages is overvalued is…(drum roll)…the seller. You! Most investors will sniff out damages and, if not disclosed, could kill the deal.

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