Note Brokering … How Do You Do It?

Why Note brokering? Getting into the Note business is tricky. Buying Notes requires access to significant capital, but that’s hard to find if you’re green and just learning the biz. Think about it: would you give someone $200,000 to learn a very nuanced, niche investment business? Too risky!

So, typically, people get into Note brokering first. And some never go beyond that. It doesn’t require capital because the job of a Note Broker is to connect Note sellers with Note buyers. Simple, right? It’s actually not as simple as it sounds.

Good Note brokering happens when the Broker:
• Has the licenses necessary to broker Notes;
• Knows how to find Note sellers;
• Has good relationships with Note buyers;
• Knows how to vet the opportunity in order to connect the seller with the right buyer;
• Knows how to communicate the value of each opportunity to the buyer;
• Knows what documentation needs to be collected and/or prepared for the buyer (to evaluate the Note); and
• Knows Note buyers’ preferences.

This last point is an important one.

We work with a small group of Brokers who are familiar with Faller Financial’s “buy box” (the criteria we use to determine if we’re interested). We love the Brokers who bring us what we like.

But when all those things are in place, Note brokering can be a great way to earn an income—from anywhere on earth. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a phone. The other great thing is: the income potential is limitless. It’s a commission-only gig—collecting a small fee from buyers—so if you want to work a ton of hours drumming up tons of opportunities…knock yourself out.

Note brokering is more than a great way to get into Note investing; it’s a great way to earn a limitless income.

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