Promissory Note With Collateral – 2nd Note Investing Hazard

Let’s discuss the promissory note with collateral in this post.

[Second in a series: Note Investing Hazards]

The keyword here is “complete.” Not “some” or “most.” Complete!

Experienced buyers follow a due diligence checklist outlining critical documents required for funding each note in a transaction.

The original collateral consists of:
– The note
– Deed of trust or mortgage
– Assignments
– Allonges
– Title policy
– Any loan modifications

Some refer to the process of organizing a file as “stacking.” Make no mistake, though, whatever you call it…not providing all of the collateral can impact the value of a note and definitely get in the way of finding a buyer.

Stay tuned here for more hazards. Hazard 1 is in a previous post.

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