Promissory Note Collateral – 4th Note Investing Hazard

The promissory note collateral 4th note investing hazard. Let discuss it briefly.

[Fourth in a series: Note Investing Hazards]

Again, like we said for Hazard #2—Not providing complete collateral—incomplete or inaccurate loan data can lower the perceived value of your note.

Failing to provide key data fields for a loan when soliciting a quote can cause serious buyers to lose interest or cushion their bid. Huh? Basically: A serious buyer will make conservative assumptions in the absence of complete data, so the bid isn’t what it could (!) be.

Just remember to provide the most complete loan data possible, and then you’ll maximize the value of your note.

Stay tuned here for more hazards. Hazard 1, Hazard 2, and, Hazard 3 are in previous posts.

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