There can be a significant difference between private lending and micro-financing, so I want to explain.

I’ve had friends, investors, and others ask whether or not Faller Financial is a micro-financer. I don’t call us a micro-financer for one important reason: Our business model.

We’re not set up to lend to individuals and small businesses who lack access to conventional banking and related services. They can demand resources, which we don’t have. There are many lenders who are set up for that kind of business and they serve a valuable and important role. We just aren’t that. We do work with some borrowers who don’t meet conventional banking requirements, but as a private lender, we work mostly with borrowers in nuanced circumstances.

And we’re happy to explain what we mean; connect with us using the information below.

But to wrap up this article, just know that “micro-financing” is a term typically used for situations related to income or other more dramatic situations.

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