Attention Note Investor – Real Estate Firm Launches Investment Partnership Amid Massive Growth

Faller Financial, today, announced the creation of a new investment partnership for accredited note investor that invests in performing real estate notes.

“Our new 4F Fund provides investors with a unique opportunity while enabling Buffalo Park, our note investing entity, to capitalize on market opportunities that were previously beyond our funding capabilities,” said Cody Faller, founder of Faller Financial.

Since January 2019, Buffalo Park’s portfolio of Real Estate Notes has more than quadrupled in size, warranting the creation of 4F’s partnership opportunity.

“Investing in mortgages is a phenomenal strategy if you possess the necessary resources and skillsets,” said Faller. “It’s about predictable revenue streams and minimal volatility. Cash flow is king and we’re playing the long game with an eye towards avoiding losses, because it’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep.”

Read the full article on Phoenix News Desk.

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