The pandemic wreaked havoc on the world. The word “tragedy” has become commonplace. And yet, it hasn’t destroyed the real estate Notes industry.

Quite the opposite. We are actively buying Notes!

In 2020, we saw a lot of defaults—investments not meeting their debt service or distributions to investors—but Buffalo Park (Faller Financial’s private lending loan portfolio) didn’t fail to meet a single investment objective.

Not one. And we weren’t the only ones (we suspect; can’t confirm that).

So while the pandemic rages on, we have two important tips for Note holders who may be interested in selling.

1. Take the time necessary to find a reputable buyer (like Faller Financial). Explore. Better yet…pick up the phone. You can check out the LinkedIn and Facebook Groups and do that kind of digging, but I recommend looking at reviews and simply talking to buyers. Do they ask good questions and do they seem professional?
2. While you’re seeking the right buyer, get your data tape up to speed (click here to know what I’m talking about). This is critical and may be the most important preparation you can do to ensure you have a good transaction.

In the end, you want to work with a buyer who consistently executes a strategy of strict underwriting and disciplined investing.

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