Still waiting…anyone?

I’m right there with you. Volatility sucks when planning for any kind of financial growth—personal, business, non-profit, whatever. And man oh man did 2020 deliver.

Just check out these graphs—historic highs and lows. Millions unemployed, tons of businesses and workers suffering, AND YET the stock market went bananas; the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 5.8%.

Q: What kinda reality are we living in here?
A: An anxious one.

Uncertainty = anxiety.

You know this. Anyone who’s asked someone out on a date, or asked for a raise, or attempted to connect with his/her teenage child knows that NOT knowing will make your Fitbit heart monitor buzz.


And since uncertainty is here to stay (cuz…that’s life), I’ve pillaged Google’s card catalogue looking for tips on how to cope in 2021.

1. Don’t resist. Accept your reality, good or bad, so you can move on.
2. Invest in you, your most valuable asset.
3. Comfort yourself with healthy things (e.g. physical activity, healthy food, good sleep)
4. Don’t believe everything you think, read, or hear. Ruminating on stuff or declaring absolutes (i.e. using words like “never” or “always”) doesn’t help. Stay tuned to Faller Financial’s January content for more on this topic.
5. Don’t wait for Superman. No one will rescue you from your reality; you have all the power necessary to change course.

It’s a new year and we all know one thing: It’s impossible to know how volatile things will be. Don’t resist, invest in yourself, and consider Notes as a more reliable investment.


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