5.5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

There are gobs of articles on the interwebs about how to make a strong impression. We scoured the Google galaxy and combined search results with personal experiences and came up with 4.5 things that are most important…in our opinion (especially if you’re a Note Buyer).

First: timing. Depending on what you’re reading, the time it takes to make a first impression ranges from seven to 27 seconds. Regardless, it’s really damn quick. Some research indicates humans start determining traits like trustworthiness in less than a second.


Here’s our advice—
1. Smile. Smiling is the gateway to connecting with another person. Do more of it and we guarantee quicker stronger connections.

2. Dress well. Show up to win. Simple as that.

3. Speak clearly and be polite. Don’t mumble or speak too loudly, and for god sake…say please and thank you.

4. Look at the eyes. Good (but not creepy) eye contact means you’re confident, which most humans consider favorable.

5. Authenticity. Being genuine is liberating, and attractive.

5.5. Zip up. Dudes…don’t forget to zip up your zipper. It’s a small thing, but—as you all know—it can be a very big (and cringey) thing.

Do these things and we believe you’re much more likely to make a fantastic impression.

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