Mortgage Note Investing: Finding Your Purpose

Let’s talk about purpose, which is personally the most valuable benefit I’ve realized from being in the note investings. I often remind myself that many people, unfortunately, go through life like it’s a treadmill.

As Dr. Richard Maltz describes in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, some people work eight hours a day to be able to afford a house where they sleep eight hours a night to rest up for another day’s work. Now, what’s the point of that? I think back to my first real job after college in my early 20s; I was in pharmaceutical sales. I worked for a company called Merck and Company. At the time, Merck was considered one of the best companies in the world, and it was a great gig for me. I had a six-figure income, a company car, paid expenses, a pension, and a considerable entertainment budget to take clients out to the most delightful restaurants imaginable. And we had meetings in places like Yosemite in Quebec, Canada, and other great locations.

Now I share all that, but the problem was after about five years I hated my job. I was no longer growing or feeling like I was contributing, and the business had changed a bit, yes, but more than that, I had changed. I was beginning to fear missing out on creating something bigger and better for my life. I felt like I was on a treadmill, and this is why I left that industry about ten years ago. A lot of people thought that was a crazy move because it was such a cushy job with a guaranteed income. But I left the job in pursuit of purpose. I had dreams of something bigger and better. I recently read about a survey where 19 out of 20 people didn’t know why they went to work each day. Doctor Maltz says it like this, man is a goal-striving mechanism, and the self realizes itself entirely only when a man is moving toward something. So you might be asking what is this purpose have to do with notes. Well, think about the lifestyle and financial benefits we already discussed. No longer trading time for dollars. I’d argue that the note business provides a unique opportunity to explore your life’s passions, whatever they may be.

I can personally say I’ve expanded my entrepreneurial freedom in many ways, and it’s all because of my ability to make money in note investings. I believe you can do that too.


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