This article is part of a series designed to make mortgage Note sellers’ lives easier, so they can get the cash they want.

Tip #1: Value the property correctly
Tip #2: Know your taxes and liens
Tip #3: Get your pay history in order

Tip #4 is ginormously important: Get collateral in order.

First off, you need to be able to say whether or not there are any gaps in the assignment or allonge chain?

[insert record scratching sound]

Allonge what? Yeah…allonge chain.

“Allonge” is a word that comes from the French word, “Allonger,” which means to lengthen. In this case, the lengthening is the endorsement of a Promissory Note, which, as a reminder is the acknowledgment of debt. The endorsement usually happens on a separate piece of paper because there’s no room on the Note document.

The allonge chain is a fancy way of saying “history of endorsements,” which is really important to provide.

Equally important parts of collateral are the Title Policy, a lost note affidavit (if there is one), and the recording of the mortgage or Deed of Trust.

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