This article is part of a series designed to make mortgage Note sellers’ lives easier, so they can get the cash they want.

Tip #1: Value the property correctly
Tip #2: Know your taxes and liens

So tip #3 is a biggie: Get your pay history in order.

One of the biggest factors in valuing a Note sale, from a buyer’s perspective, is pay history. We want to know upfront: has the borrower ever struggled to stay current?

NOTE: Don’t presume that a blip in pay history—brought on by a global pandemic, etc.—kills a deal. It shouldn’t, with the right buyer (like h-hm, Faller Financial). Discuss blips with your buyer; if the blips make sense and they’re more episodic, the buyer may still consider the deal.

On the flip side, a sure-fire way to kill a deal is to make it difficult for the buyer to obtain evidence of pay history.

Get your payment history in order.

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