Reasons For Selling Real Estate Note:

We see many reasons to selling real estate note. Who doesn’t have the best of intentions? We all do, right? Including Note holders. No one plans to sell the note.

Most Notes are created for good reason; they make sense, at the time. But circumstances in life change, often justifying the need to sell. Here are 4 reasons to sell a real estate note to a firm like Faller Financial:

1. Investment opportunity. Something pops up like buying a franchise or starting a business.

2. Party’s over. Sometimes a person carries back the loan in order to sell a house—holding the Note and thereby becoming the lender—and the arrangement with the borrower becomes more difficult than it’s worth (in the eyes of the holder).

3. Relocation. Moving out of the city or state can cause additional challenges for a Note holder.

4. Undesirable inheritance. Mom or dad leaves a Note to an unsuspecting child.

5. Need for liquidity. For good and unplanned reasons, sometimes there’s a need for cash (e.g. dream vacation; wedding; tuition; medical bills; divorce; legal disputes; retirement; tax liability).

Faller Financial purchases notes Nationwide. We provide top-dollar offers on all note types. Get a no-obligation quote here:





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