We work very well with local and regional banks, and it’s because we understand what it means to be “quick to act.”

Have you ever been around horses? They are amazing creatures in so many ways. Horses can hear low to very high-frequency sound; their ears can move 180 degrees using 10 different muscles and are able to single out a specific area to listen to. And when they hear something that spooks them they are quick…to…act.

Shameless plug alert!

Not too long, I received a call at 2 p.m. on a Friday from a bank and they had questions about a couple of loans.

“Hey Cody,” the banker started. “We’re going to committee at 5 p.m., can you bid these? I wanna go into the meeting and know where we’re at.”

We dug in provided good market color. This particular banker had everything he needed and more by 5 p.m. AND we made it clear we can be a good liquidity solution to them if they needed to downgrade an asset or get assets off the books before the end of the quarter.

Immediately shuffling internal resources (“Hey Rebecca and Ashley, I know you were just working on this, but can you switch gears real quick.”) and helping clients make sound financial decisions in a three-hour window is quick to act. In our world.

From a transaction standpoint, read this blog [4-Day Speedy Deal] about how we learned on a Monday about a deal that had to close the following Friday….and how we ended up closing on Thursday, a day earlier.

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